550-5038-01 (part 2)

So, after much futzing about, I've finally managed to print a replacement part:

From left to right, the parts are: my left-hand replacement, the right-hand prototype, and the original right-hand ball return. It took me a couple of days to get right, but I think I've settled on a way to do it.


Besides a few small forays into ABS, generally when I've used my 3D printer, I've printed PLA. I knew I wanted my part to be transparent (or translucent), and from internet research, it seems PETG and ABS offer the better translucent filaments. Besides the new filament, printing something transparent is quite difficult – there's lots of futzing about with printer settings, and this part was no exception. But I can say, I feel like I was quite successful. The part I've managed to print is pretty clear, and it is solid as a rock. I doubt this thing is going to break anytime soon. I've decided to print a second one for the right-hand side, replacing the slightly cracked one there as well.

I'm hoping to model and print the boat as well. I'll keep y'all posted.


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